eiramlos (eiramlos) wrote in codependntsanon,

Let's get this going again

I really need a place to vent about my codependency with people that will understand me. I really hope their is someone out there.

I feel bad about everything all the time and I just can't stop thinking about things. Like for example, my husband is going to sell his iPhone to my brother in law for very cheap $275 when he paid $500 for it last year. I know he is being nice because my bro in law is family but I feel bad for my hubby. I feel as if he is being cheated in some way, even if he was the one that put the price.

Then I learn that my brother wanted it. Which made me feel bad for my brother. It just goes in a circle. But my brother does not have AT&T so he can't use it realiably.

My hubby wants to sell his iPhone so he could buy a nexus one which is 530. I just hope he manages to get enough money to buy it.

I know I am just rambling but this has been driving me crazy for 2 days.

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