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Codependents Anonymous

The Livejournal version anyway.

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Welcome to the Codependents Anonymous community on Livejournal. This is a space where, hopefully, you can come to share your experiences, joys, and concerns about anything and everything related to codependency. While the community was created to be an additional 12-step community space online, you need not be a member of CoDA to post or to benefit from coming here.

If you'd like more information about codependency, Melody Beattie is a great source of inspiration in the area, particularly Codependent No More and the daily meditation book, The Language of Letting Go. As the community becomes more active, I'll gladly put together additional resources here.

I'll update the profile more as I can concentrate on it, but for now if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email the moderator.

Am I codependent? Well, we aren't going to be the ones to answer that FOR you, because...well, that'd be rather codependent of us to do so. ;) What we can suggest is further reading, both through printed materials about codependency, and literature provided by CoDa itself.

Looking for a meeting? Click here to go to the CODA website's meeting locator. You can search for meetings in your area by city, state and ZIP code.

Looking for more information about codependency? Check out the page for Newcomers to CODA on the CODA website.

I never thought I'd have to add this, but please do not use this community to promote other communities, whether they have to do with codependency or not. Nothing is more annoying to long-term members than posts saying "hey - come here instead!" If they'd like to join other communities, the members here are capable of searching for them and joining them all by themselves. I'm all for sharing resources, but if you have other LJ communities to refer someone to, please do so privately (e.g. through email, through a comment in their personal journal, through instant message programs, etc.)